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Look as casually awesome as you can this summer with one of the nicest men’s resort wear brands I’ve come across yet.

Onia by founders Carl Cunow and Nathan Romano is a celebration of how awesome it is to be a man, how versatile you can be when it comes to dressing one and how effortlessly stylish one can look in something as simple as a pair of linen shorts and cotton shirts.

The guys have brought their fresh perspective of casual resort wear to the whole collection after they noticed their swim trunks and swimwear were being worn as more of an all day short than something exclusively for aquatics. By bringing in elements such as stretch pima cotton, linen and cotton blends for their shirts and shorts, they have addressed a missing link in the men’s casual wear that we so needed.

In their collection, Cunow and Romano wanted to take the typical beach wear style that entailed just that, and incorporate further aspects of men’s dressing, such as clean and classic styles to give men the opportunity to wear their pieces from the poolside to the curb side and be as comfortable in both situations.

“Guys like to have the ease of putting on something in the AM and not having to worry about changing throughout the day,” said Cunow and Romano.

The whole idea of keeping men comfortable in all situations is what had led the team to incorporate a nice and tame mix of vivacious prints peppered throughout quietly understated colour mixes and basics. While they don’t have one ‘type’ of guy, they Onia customer’s preference for a clean, tailored aesthetic, a good fit and an eye for quality is one that is very open to this kind of enthusiasm in colour and activity.

“Each season, we design our own exclusive prints here in our design studio as well as incorporating vintage Liberty of London prints we pull from their archives. We choose and design these prints to match the remainder of our season’s story, keeping in line with the Onia theme of colours true to the brand – we make sure our prints are never ‘too loud.’ Our consumers really appreciate that,” said Cunow and Romano.

Since launching their ready to wear collection in 2013, Onia has plans to grow categories of their work organically, adding a lot more elements as time and demand goes by.

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