One Way Ticket To The World With The Heineken City Shapers Festival

Imagine being able to travel the world in one night. To taste the tastes and see the incredible sights the globe has to offer. Heineken successfully brought this idea to life offered the people of Australia one night to cross borders and indulge in their cities rich multicultural foundations that shape their individual city. Australians and Melburnians were encouraged to “open their world”.

The special Heineken train was parked on platform three of Southern Cross station, and the Heineken partygoers received a special wristband, which would act like a boarding pass to enter the secret location where the party was held. Guests received an icy cold special edition bottle of Heineken that celebrated the cities that have inspired and been inspired by the 140 year old brewing company.

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The party was held in a secret warehouse covered in quintessential Melbourne street art lit up with the Heineken green lighting. As people entered the space they were immersed into a bustling Asian street, with hawker stalls and traditional Japanese drumming setting the atmosphere for the night. The crowed was then surprised with traditional Chinese dancing and Chinese dragons performing in and amongst the spectators.

Whilst tasting the Asian delights with a cheeky champagne and of course a Heineken in hand, everyone was ushered towards a stage where hip-hop dancers began dancing, it was a welcoming dance into our new destination. A loud voice came over the speakers and the next location was announced, boarding call to New York.

The partygoers then made their way upstairs and once again transported to another iconic city. The room was a very hip and modern space that resembled a modernist New York Art Gallery, with cocktails, New York pizzas and burgers it really was like being in New York without having to be in New York. After experiencing in all that the big apple had to offer the final boarding call was announced, this time welcomed in with traditional Brazilian dancers the curtain then drops and four beautiful Carnival dancers were revealed. We followed them to a brand new space, with a large stage, full-length bars over flowing with Heineken, wines, champagnes we had entered the final destination, Rio De Janeiro.

The Carnival dancers danced lustfully shaking their hips just as if they were dancing on the streets during carnival, Brazilian capoeira fighters flipping, performing traditional routines with impossible stunts then joined them.

Then the final curtain was dropped and international headliners Hot Dub Time Machine. Hot Dub hyping the crowed from behind the turntable to end the night on the biggest bang. The DJ artist had created a Heineken inspired set accompanied by a ‘Heineken airhostess’ taking us back in time through the musical ages from the 1950s onwards, with a few iconic Heineken stops along the way.

Hot Dub time machine really took off, and gave an absolutely killer set with confetti and air guitars galore, highlighting the pinnacle points in Heinekens history which has made it the party favourite beer.

The City Shapers festival proves Heineken knows how to throw an all out event. With bars overflowing with beer peppered through the warehouse, foods and sights to see, opening your world just became a whole lot easier and that much more exciting.

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