Need Better Photos? Use The OlloClip Active Lens

Pica are the people for quality tech that works seamlessly with your Apple products. Whether it’s across the digital ether like Bluetooth or hardware that is itself attached to your smartphone and accompanying bits, they’ve mastered it all.

If you’re in need of a new fitness and life tracker that you can swim with and never need to change the battery of, try looking into their Misfit Shine 2, but if photos are your game, you’re in need of the olloclip Active Lens, which is pretty much the greatest phone addition in a while.

Fishbowl photo fanatics try not to freak out. The combination lens package that comes with a phone case to perfectly and seamlessly slot the camera adaptation into position is perfection in. But not only that, the camera lens itself comes with the fishbowl option AND a macro option that allows you take some frighteningly close detail shots of whatever you like if, y’know, seeing the surface of someone’s face at a macro level is your jam. To each their own.

The little attachment is steel, so you know it’s quality; it comes with varying colours in attachments that allow you to safely and securely attach it to a lanyard for quick access and the camera lenses come with their own lens caps so you don’t ruin it. They’ve thought of everything so your Instagram and photos on holidays with family and friends pop.

They’re $119.95 and you can get them here.

olloclip active lens 2




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