3 things to get out of a visit to Okinawa (Sponsored)

Okinawa is one magical place. So magical in fact, they’ve made movies about it and it’s renowned around the world as being the one place that actually holds the key to prolonged youth regardless of age.

Sounds good, right?

If you don’t know that much about Japan, you’ll be curious to learn that Okinawa is the southern island prefecture of the Land of the Rising Sun and was, once upon a time, its own kingdom with a unique culture all its own. A lot of that is still retained today.

From the food to the meditative lifestyle Okinawans lead to the gorgeous scenery, Okinawa is one of the world’s most untouched island hideaways to escape the stresses and strains of modern western life at only a short flight from Australia at worst.

Okinawa recently invited three people from three very varied walks of life from three completely different parts of the world to experience the best of what the small but rich island prefecture of Japan had to offer.

An alternative fitness regime

Daniel Fox works online by day and by night – and by the looks of him – spends all day at the gym, so for him as he admits, fitness is a big hobby and poignant piece of importance in his busy and chaotic life in Germany.

Okinawa, though, offers something other than heavy weights to lift and bars to lift yourself up over that you can consider a whole lot more centring an experience.

Daniel Fox Karate in Okinawa

The ancient and meditative form of self-defence called karate originated in Okinawa and has a very special place in the culture and history of the island. Complete with its own naturally-founded shrine on the island, techniques and technicality that only people who’ve studied it for years are able to pass-down; the art form gave even someone as fit and healthy as Daniel a run for his money.

He found it a struggle and a healthy and holistic rounding-out of his training regimen, from which he says he’ll take away a lot. He even says himself, a visit to Okinawa is great if you need to escape the stress of life, want to eat healthy food and experience something other than you would in other holiday destinations around the world.

Check him out in action in the video above…

Daniel Fox karate okinawa

A natural beauty like nowhere else

There aren’t many places in the world you can travel to where the locals are fighting over being the first to tell who who is closer to 100 years of age. Except Okinawa.

Jennifer Sarah bloggers Be Life Okinawa THE F old women

It’s the only place on earth that has the highest number of centenarians on the one island and they’re all about not only their health, but the beauty in the simplicity of the Okinawan landscape that surrounds them.

Jennifer Sarah bloggers Be Life Okinawa THE F swimming

Jennifer Woodward and Sarah Barber work in fashion and beauty, so for them to see the natural beauty of the Okinawa island really highlights the natural-born simplicity and enjoyment of such a small place on earth.

Okinawa is renowned for its landscapes, over 16 surrounding mini islands and traditional culture that is upheld through beauty treatments, healthy eating, arts and crafts and the stunning landscape. Watch the video above to see more of what they did!

Jennifer Sarah bloggers Be Life Okinawa THE F craft work

Jennifer Sarah bloggers Be Life Okinawa THE F massaging

Jennifer Sarah bloggers Be Life Okinawa THE F parchments

A human connection

“Okinawa to me is quietly authentic. I think, if anything, it’s really been, the people that have made it more exceptional.”

Tracy Phillips at family dinner in Okinawa

Tracy Phillips from Singapore went to Okinawa to experience some time out from her hectic life and the takeaways were superb. As she says, she’s always in back-to-back meetings and has cramps in her hands from using her smartphone more often than not, so some time out was a must.

The great thing about Okinawa is its focus on home life, happiness, inner and outer health and spiritual health, all of which when combined make for happy, personable people that render a trip to Okinawa perfect for those who don’t have such interpersonal connections with strangers at home.

In a world where places like Daniel’s country, Germany and Jennifer and Sarah’s, America, are constantly under siege by outsiders who don’t have the many wonderful things that Tracy experienced, Okinawa really highlights what we need more of in the world.

“[The people] all had such personality; very grounded, this sense of community while spending time with loved ones; having fun… It’s all about the connection with one another.”

Watch more in the video above.

This and more is what Okinawa has to offer.

Tracy Phillips at dinner alone in an onsen

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