Oh the faux pas!

T’was only a matter of not-nearly-long-enough time…

Junderpants have hit the scene: The elusive missing link between the basic underpant and the horrendous, but seemingly so ‘in’ jegging (cross between the jean and the legging, for those of you uncouth enough not to know).

Firstly to the above image; can I just say, a loud, and resounding, emphatically appalled what the f*&%?

I’m not the world’s most pious fashionista, but holy god, these are a sin. Are they not?

The burgeoning into retail outlets of the jegging was abhorrent enough, let alone extend the filth into undergarments to enshroud our most intimate appendages and areas. Please; spare me.

I can imagine the only types of people that would suit something are the waifly thin. You know the kind: the girls so thin their legs are like a set of empty parenthesis and ribs protrude from their body like a birdcage with a light, papery sheet strapped tightly to its circumference.


Once you’ve finished regurgitating, be sure you do not buy any.

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