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If like me you’re one of those people that needs a gentle push into making the final decision to do something – be it make a purchase, a decision or to participate in something – this is the online shopping platform for you.

Their slogan, why shop when you can obtayne is cool in itself; I like it.

The website basically plays on the notion that people like third-party opinions on things before they make their final decision. In this case, buying clothes and going shopping online.

Obtayne is the first industry website that ranks and reviews global online shopping sites to provide a one-stop for customers buying over the internet.

What makes Obtayne different to other online shopping platforms that rely on user generated content to provide feedback on the online retail quality and products is that Obtayne has its own dedicated review team, which follow a standardised ranking system to avoid bias and provide the best quality feedback for shoppers before they hand over the cash.

Obtayne aims to make online shopping easier for those new to e-commerce by critiquing a website’s consumer value, ease of use and site management overall.

For regular online shoppers, the portal will introduce them to new and exciting sites they may not have been aware of.

With its own categorisation key to filter through websites and their content, users’ shopping is only too easy.

See Obtayne online at their website: www.obtayne.com

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Things you should know…

– The benefit to consumers is Obtayne.com now provides a ‘one stop shop’ for all their online shopping needs. The major barrier to online transactions is security and not knowing where to start looking for items, and we have been able to address both these elements within our comprehensive ranking to global shopping websites.

– We have reviewed/ranked over 250+ global sites. Our goal is to reach 800 by end of 2013. (Each review takes between 1-2 hours and includes a minimum of 40 ranking attributes).

– Ranking is based on 3 areas : Consumer Value, Ease of Use & Site Management, and each are given a score out of 5 – which is then weighted to deliver a total score out of 5.

– Reviews also provide : Site description, country of origin, URL link, target age range & sex, product categories included, regions they ship to and a basic psycho-graphic segmentation.

– In first four weeks live, Obtayne has generated over 9,500+ Facebook likes, across 20+ countries.

– In 2013, e-commerce is estimated to reach $962 billion globally (JP Morgan Jan 2012)

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