Nivea says Mum Was Right (Sponsored)

Mother’s Day is very soon. It’s the day we pay respect, show love and in our own way, honour the woman who brought each of us into the world.

Though she might have racked-up a few of them in her years and drive us mental from time-to-time, it never ceases to amaze just how much she knows and how – most of the time – right she is.

Nivea has cottoned-on to this lately, and decided to bring about a revolution of maternal proportions, focusing on just how right Mum is, not only on Mums in Australia, but Mothers around the world.

They’ve launched a new campaign called Mum Was Right, targeted at young women to get them to put into perspective just how much their Mothers know; and how much they should still listen to them.

Not to mention, just how much their mother’s advice empowered them in their own lives.

Nivea’s emphasis on quality living and top-notch skin and skincare really works well with the youthfulness and fun, vivacious nature of keeping-up with the idea of living in harmony with your mother, regardless of where in the world you’re from.

They’ve begun a leading hashtag for the project, which is now live at #MomWasRight and is hilarious to follow when you look at the quest taking place to find young women’s stories of how their mother’s advice empowered them.

Just in-time for Mother’s Day, anyone can enter, sharing some of the best tid bits of advice and life-information their mothers had for them either when they were younger, or on the other hand, very recently.

They say that kids say the darndest things; just wait until you hear some of the pieces of insight that come from some Mum’s mouths.

Visit and create your own entry of your mother’s best piece of advice. Or, post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #MomWasRight.

This post was sponsored by Nivea, but all thoughts are our own. 

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