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In a full house of trend setters, funky-trunks and Nike lovers, Nike’s latest Australian addition threw open its doors to the Chapel Street strip, welcoming-in a new era of Nike sneaker, the Nike Air Trainer Max ’94 Premium.

Thanks to a recent bout of Nike’s popularity in Melbourne and Australia, Nike has made the right move it seems in opening-up a brand new two-level powerhouse of Nike paraphernalia that would excite even the most unsporty of wearers.

The store is a mezzanine-split, neon themed massive smack of sport-obsessed excitement, which for the world-over is the exclusive retailer of its latest sneaker, that capitalises on the archetypical Nike air technology.

With the support of footballers, athletes, social types and those of us who choose Nike as an enshrouding characteristic of our exercise-prone selves, the store is no doubt going to go great guns with not only the South Yarra natives, but those who come from far and wide.

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