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It’s definitely something that’s become increasingly in vogue for men lately, the trend toward custom shirting.

There are seemingly hundreds of options available in Melbourne and Australia alone that offer men the choice of custom shirting vs. store-bought; and there’s no surprise as to who they’re leaning more towards.

Having the option of fabric, colour, style, fit and detailing like buttons, contrasts and collar spreads is an awesome option for men in this day and age where looks are becoming more important.

Harking back to days of old where this was the norm, it’s great to see pride in not only men’s appearance, but the options they have available to them.

One such shirting company who’s doing the round is NiAlma – weird name, I know – but what they offer is something relatively unsurpassed in men’s shirting.

Run entirely online, the website allows customers to enter their own measurements or choose from a stock record, which are then cross-checked by the NiAlma team to make sure everything’s in proportion. After the customer has chosen their fabric, colour, cut, details and collar style, the shirt’s order is processed, the shirt is made and sent to the guy within what seems like a few days.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received mine in nothing more than seven days from clicking the ‘order’ button. It certainly make a difference when you’re in a  rush and offers a nice competitive edge against the guys whose two month runaround can try the patience levels.

Whether you’re changing jobs, revamping the wardrobe or just shopping around, check out NiAlma at

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