New Shanghai at Emporium Melbourne

If every other Chinese restaurant in Melbourne shut down, there wouldn’t be a problem.

New Shanghai would be there to clean-up and keep not just its customers happy, but any and every Chinese-influenced cooking fanatic, newbie or afficionado brimming with gastronomic pleasure.

Their menu is out of control: huge, widely optioned, vastly influenced and incredibly tasty. Their staff are all as knowledgable and friendly as the best of them and their environment within the dining or casual settings within the walls of the restaurant are as comfortable as anywhere else you’d need to roll-up your sleeves in preparation for a Chinese feast.

The food is affordable. What it lacks in price, it makes-up for in flavour and sheer quantity, easily and riskfully over stuffing any unassuming diner whose knowledge of what size a bowl of Chinese Zha Jiang noodles and ground pork looks like when you’re staring at it on the table.

The menu starts off with modestly sized appetisers that for most on a regular day would suffice for a filling, wholesome meal. From there, it expands at a rapid rate, sporting the chef’s specials and menu staples such as Shanghai dumplings and pan fried ‘sticky’ pork dumplings.

The willingness of New Shanghai to branch out further afield into variations of Chinese food that you can’t find too often in the one restaurant is refreshing.

Taking any waiter’s recommendation is highly recommended if you’re into some adventurous flavours in Asian cooking.

The chef’s special of the night was steamed prawn wantons in a peanut, sesame and chilli sauce; interesting to read, delectable to taste. The peanut flavour through the wantons and oil when combined with the prawn in the wantons is an interesting a combination as it is phenomenal. These are highly recommended.

New Shanghai’s range of dumplings and dim sum are nice and well-optioned. The New Shanghai Xiao Long Bao are easy and well cooked, their pork belly steamed buns are every bit as well glazed as any other Chinese bun, but with the added punctuation of hoi sin sauce and greens like cucumber and spring onions, the tastes are sublime.

Despite the varying levels of heaviness in the menu options, New Shanghai has catered perfectly for all appetites and all taste palettes. With staples in the menu like Chinese greens and broccoli cooked in garlic and oyster sauce and the most brilliant Shanghai dumplings you’ve ever had in droves, they’ve got a good thing going on.

New Shanghai can be found on the top floor Cafe Court in Emporium Melbourne, phone to make a booking on 03 9994 9386.

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New Shanghai, THE F, pork belly-1

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New Shanghai, THE F, Shanghai Dumplings -1

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