New Men’s Grooming Brand, Rehab London Is One To Try

Rehab London is a new men’s grooming label to the Australian market and it’s pretty amazing.

The range was developed over in the UK by celebrity hair and makeup artist Lisa Hilton. She was prompted to launch the range after constantly being asked by her male clients what products they should be using to see real results.

So, with a passion for natural beauty products, Lisa developed a range of natural skin prescriptive products designed around the manliest healing qualities of Hawaiian Water Algae available, making sure that powerful botanical ingredients and essential oils derived from the volcanic sands of Tahiti lay within each bottle.

It’s not a bad deal. What’s from the earth is good, so may as well use it as far as many are concerned.

Heaps of celebs over in the UK are fans of the brand after its relatively young inception period, like singers Sam Smith and Robbie Williams and actors Dustin Hoffman and Russell Brand.

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Why Is Rehab London Good For Your Skin & Your World?

It’s the first natural men’s range to be completely palm oil free. If you have any sort of environmental sensitivity, this is a big deal and massive draw card.

Rehab London Is Good For Sensitive Skin!

All of the products are suitable for hypersensitive skin, offer protection from UVA rays, and are also SLS, paraben, and petrochemical free.

The Best Products Are…

Rehab London Review Survive

Revive Survive – This one is a big player in Europe. As an anti-fatigue cream, it visibly reduces the signs of skin fatigue and helps bolster circulation through capillaries and into the surface of the skin, bringing life back into your face without you having to try.

Rehab London Back to Matte

Back To Matte – This is the brand’s dual action gel that’s light-wearing and ideal for use throughout the day to keep things on your face looking and feeling fresh, while neutralising facial oil and shine from the face. When you’re stuck at a desk all day, or on the other hand, running around all day, having something like this on hand can save your face from reflecting the sun, to working with it.

Find out all the rest about Rehab London at their website.





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