William Inglis Hotel Warwick Farm Stables

There’s a new hotel in Sydney, the William Inglis Hotel is ideal for race-goers

Forget Gone With The Wind, there’s a new equine related epic that’s about to make a bolt for the hearts of Sydney siders and beyond and it’s called the William Inglis Hotel Sydney.

William Inglis Hotel Warwick Farm Room v2

The Warwick Farm racecourse is finished, freshly minted with fancy turf we couldn’t even pronounce and with it, a hotel to rival the glory of Monte Carlo. The William Inglis Hotel is ready for all your expectations and hopes ladies and gents.

The hotel has polished-up its silverware, meticulously set down it’s luscious carpets and installed a marvel of a light instillation in the lobby but that’s not even the start of it.

William Inglis Hotel Warwick Farm Newmarket Room

The William Inglis deserves every one of its 5-star rating. From impossibly soft sheets to its luxurious cocktail lounge, it is kitted up with every nuance and nook that any self respecting lifestyle aficionado would look for.

Of course espresso martinis abound in a perfect marriage of caffeine and liqueur, of course the morning buffet breakfast has rosemary and butter tossed potatoes, coupled with any variant of egg that may be on your craving palate.

William Inglis Hotel Warwick Farm Lobby

What’s the coffee like some may ask, what a question! Silkier and more effortless than Black Caviar’s winning streak. What fresh juice might await your thirsty palate? That of the finest oranges, apples and beetroot this fair land can produce.

William Inglis Hotel Warwick Farm Newmarket Room 2

Before we get overcome by revisiting the marvel that was the William Inglis Hotel’s breakfast, let’s backtrack. To dinner. Yes, the salmon steak was grilled to perfection, yes the potato stack was a thrilling experience of butter and spices. Yes the Pinot Grigio should have songs sung in its honour. Suffice to say, the hotel has your palate, senses and wine o’clock quite, quite sorted.

William Inglis Hotel Warwick Farm Chiltern Deck

A quality stay at the William Inglis Hotel in Warwick Farm is utterly assured all year round as their air condition unit was put to the test at the height of summer. It did not disappoint. Snug as a bug in million thread count sheets, it felt like temperate autumn and there’s no amount of thanks that can measure up to that gift of cool.

William Inglis Hotel Warwick Farm BIg Barn

With charming, efficient and focused staff, incredibly decked out rooms, deliciously curated cuisine and beverage, a stay at the William Inglis Hotel, Warwick Farm should be on your ‘treat yo’ self to do list’.

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William Inglis Hotel Warwick Farm 1867 Lounge - bar

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