Gillette Fusion Proglide THE F

You’re shaving wrong, but Gillette has a quick-fix with their new razor

Been shaving for a few years? Yeah, you’re doing it wrong.

Sure, you might have the action right, but it’s what you’re doing with the action that’s messing-up your skin, causing irritation, damaging the surface and leaving you looking and feeling ‘not your best’.

Gillette has a solution for your less-than-impressive performance and it’s got to do with their new Gillette Fusion Proshield razor and what it can teach you about your own habits.

Did you know the average dude takes about 170 strokes with his razor down his face with each close-skin shave?

Gillette Proshield razor THE F

Did you also know that that means he’s probably taking around 120 excess strokes that aren’t needed, that go over the previous stroke?

Did you also know that by doing this, most dudes are shaving over basically raw skin after the protective gel has been shaved away with the previous first stroke? Yep, the thought isn’t nice, is it? But it explains the red, sensitive and irritated feeling many of us have after the first, second, third… twentieth swipe down our cheeks and neck. It’s got to stop.

Gillette’s research has revealed that this is more common than not, so with the new razor, has introduced a head that proactively shields against irritation with new lubrication both before and after the blades as they slice down your face.

It works.

‘Goodbye’ post-shave soothing lotion and, ‘hello’ soft, ready-to-touch facial skin. The five, super fine blades help, too of course, offering the closest and most silky shave yet.

For $22.49 per razor, there are worse investments you can make for your mug.



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