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Need a new fitness regimen? Sweat it out with MTV Fit

Feel like shaking up your usual fitness regimen?

MTV Australia have teamed up with the health experts over at Chemist Warehouse and Protein World to get your summer bod ready.

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And they delivered the workout motivation we never knew we needed: an 80’s style aerobics class hosted by grapevine master, Shannon Dooley from Retrosweat, at none other than Bondi’s iconic The Bucket List.

Retrosweat is all about embracing the nostalgia of cassette tapes, roller skates and plenty of high-kicks (permed hairstyles can stay in the past forever though, please and thankyou).

BYO leg warmers and G-string leotard.

MTV Fit Chemist Warehouse fitness class

If getting fit can be as fun as dancing (read: very badly) to ridiculous #ThrowbackThursday tunes, then count us IN.

We get it, strutting around in public in neon leggings isn’t for everyone. Which is why we’re so grateful you can access all the MTV Fit workouts online so you can sweat it out from the comfort of your own home – no gym junkies or shirtless show offs in sight.

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Plus, MTV Fit and Protein World are giving you the inside scoop with a video series featuring fitness influencers straight outta your insta-feed. Kayne Lawton & Jamie Allen (aka basically the definition ‘couple goals’) chat about their fitness ethos and which exercises keep them looking #fierce. They talk protein, eating plans and answers to all the gym questions you’ve been too embarrassed to ask (like vanilla or chocolate flavoured protein powder?)

There’s even a workout hosted by DJ and ultimate cool girl, Tigerlily. Because cardio is always better it revolves around party vibes and your personal trainer is a world-class DJ.

Ditch the same old treadmill sessions and get active the millennial way. Whether you’re a committed cross-fitter or dread the thought of gyms, MTV Fit has you covered.

Because when you look good, you feel good. So put on your activewear (not just to wear to brunch) and get moving.

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