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Neuw Denim threw a party with Life Without Andy

NEUW Day, NEUW Denim. Put a crowd of creatives in a room and you might get a stimulating conversation or two. Clad them in denim, turn up the punk rock and throw in burgers and a bar tab and you get the vivacious atmosphere of NEUW Denim along with Life Without Andy’s Nordic Stone party (a type of their denim, FYI).

Held at Selina’s, Coogee Bay Hotel, triple denim was the new double, with jeans, jackets and skirts dawning the frames of every skater and style guru alike, all in the name of celebrating quality clothes in an down to earth environment.

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You can liken NEUW Denim’s Jeans to the way they were curated throughout the party: subtle, effortless and figure hugging while as cool as the ice sculptures they were frozen and displayed in.

Stone wash jeans and stone cold poses melted at the chance to dress up for the night, as the party took the Nordic theme on literally and provided attendants with all the vital accessories to channel their inner Viking charm.

Viking hats and faux-ivory horns included.

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Performances by Ruby Fields, Haans Job and LAW DJs kept the crowd’s senses ignited as carnivalesque games and a foam sparring arena provided the entertainment for the evening.

The real attraction though was the inanimate denim debutante of the ball.

From tapered to slim jeans, NEUW Denim offers a slew of cuts and colours for every occasion, evoking the denim trends of each decade. NEUW is not solely dedicated to denim or jeans though, branching out the brand to include linen garments, a line of shirts, jackets, dresses and coats suited for a non-discriminatory gender spectrum.

Iif it’s any consolation, as the temperatures drop and bikini bodies turn to burger belly’s, NEUW Denim knows how to create a stretch jean that can stand the boundaries of any winter coat.

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