The Nespresso CitiZ Machine Makes Apartment Living Coffee A Dream

There’s nothing nicer than the smell of fresh coffee in the morning.

So that’s why when Nespresso launched their CitiZ machine with a breath of new life, fresh design and new lick of paint for the inner-city urban dweller who’s strapped for space, mornings just looked up.

The new design for the machine brings it well-and-truly into the 21st century, with a sleek finish and all bundled into a super compact size, which makes room for other appliances and the freedom of coveted bench space in a tiny apartment kitchen, that much more accessible.



It’s all about ‘retro minimalism’, honing-in on subtle design elements, all the while with the typical and traditional Nespresso inner workings that pump out cup-after-cup of brewed goodness.

They’ve included with this unit the unique and adorably-named ‘aerocino’ add-on, which froths milk in the Citiz&Milk unit, meaning cappuccinos are now only a few seconds away. If you really want, you can sit through a painful 7-minute video on it here.



From the moment you turn the machine on, select your Nespresso coffee capsules (which they have seemingly thousands of here), the CitiZ is all about efficient, turning water into coffee in 25 seconds. If you time it right with the aerocino, you’ll have the easier cup of at-home coffee in just under about 45 seconds (warming milk time included).

Priced at RRP$299 for the CitiZ and RRP$399 for the CitiZ&Milk, the range has been available since July 2016 in all Nespresso Boutiques, online at, through the Nespresso Club and selected trade partners.

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