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The future holds some exciting news for Neil Perry’s Eleven Bridge

Food lovers assemble! There’s some quality news about Neil Perry‘s baby in the heart of Sydney, Eleven Bridge, you need to know.

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With the restaurant as we know it scheduled to close after dinner service on 13 May, the restaurant and its historic location won’t go to the dogs it turns out, with the news being announced that it will instead join the Rockpool Dining Group family, culinarily honchoed by food god Neil Perry himself.

The restaurant will close on a huge culinary high with Executive Chef Phil Wood presenting tasting menus of classic dishes from Eleven Bridge and Rockpool, in celebration of a wonderful 28-year history. This gives way for it to reopen under new guise in a location that proves well to tie-together the large footprints of properties in the Rockpool Dining Group’s portfolio in the heart of Sydney, quite nicely.

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“The team is really excited about going out on such a high by creating all the great three-hat dishes, past and present,” said Neil.

“Rockpool Dining Group operates a tight-knit family of quality restaurants and great brands with maximum efficiency and it makes sense to operate the Eleven Bridge site within this portfolio, rather than as a standalone restaurant.”

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It’s likely a bitter-sweet moment for Neil who opened Eleven Bridge as Rockpool back in 1989, where Phil Wood was appointed head chef in ’09. But, onwards and upwards and if what the group under Neil’s charge has done recently with Sake Jr and it’s day-to-night menu is anything to go by, it will be show-stopping!

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