Negroni Week comes to Australia

Negroni Week is coming to Australia.

Travelling the world for the past two years – and with heaps of success – the Negroni Week phenomenon will hit Melbourne, bringing its celebration of one of the world’s greatest cocktails to the city. It will seek to raise money for charitable causes around the world by way of the ‘A Drink for your cause. Make it Count” initiative where one dollar from every sale in each of the participating bars around the city (list below) will go to a charity of their choice.

The venue who raises the most funds for their charity will have an extra $5000 donated to their cause by Campari Australia.

All this will be happening during the third instalment of Negroni Week, which runs from 1 to 7 June and will see bars the likes of 1806, Society Restaurant, The Brass Coq, Gradi at Crown, 400 Gradi and Copperhead Road jump on board to tap into the rise and popularity of the classic Negroni cocktail.

It all comes from a few years ago in 2013 when Imbibe Magazine launched Negroni Week, which was a celebration of one of the world’s great cocktails and an effort to raise money for charitable causes.

Negroni Week is now in its third year and Imbibe has teamed up again with Campari to present Negroni Week in 2015 on a more global scale.

It’s something exciting – and delicious – to be apart of.

The Negroni cocktail is an iconic mix of gin, Campari and sweet red vermouth created by chance in Florence around 1920 by Count Camillo Negroni. It is one of many cocktails which has benefitted from the returning trend of classic cocktails, with many venues also creating their own signature take on this cult classic.

See the rest of the bars who’re participating at their website (WWW).

Campari Negroni, THE F, 1

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