Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia, Australasia

Need more nature? Visit the Phillip Island Nature Parks (sponsored post)

There’s nothing quite so grounding as seeing the world operate as it should. Animals do their thing, the oceans ebb and flow, the skies change and all the while, the world keeps spinning without any interference from man. It’s nice to go back to those roots occasionally.

Turns out there are lots of places around the world you can ground yourself once again and take-in the natural beauty of the world, but one such place that’s definitely worth a visit is Victoria’s Phillip Island Nature Parks and its surrounding ocean. What a treasure trove there is to be discovered!

There are so many amazing things, all naturally inspired about Phillip Island that allow you to really harness the majesty of a relatively pristine island and coastline, unadulterated by people.

Eco Boat tours are a sensational way to view some of the best of Phillip Island’s wildlife and native flora. Undulating rocks surround the island, which can make it quite perilous to sail at time, but the eco boat option is a safe and environmentally method of travelling out to rocky outcrops that play a sort of ‘base camp’ for so many of the native seals that call Australia and Phillip Island home. Just see the video above to get a great feel for the natural sights you’re privy to – and the seals don’t mind enhancing!

See more about the stunning environment of Phillip Island right here.

Penguin Chicks

The penguins are some of the cutest small fauns in the Victorian repertoire you’d see, too. Every week, they’re said to put on a spectacular show known as the ‘penguin parade‘ of adorable proportions as countless families of them toss themselves from the surf and march up past gawking audiences into the foothills and their burrows to sleep, rest and recover. It’s undoubtably adorable.

Penguin Chicks

Not to mention the stunning rock formations and surfing options that Phillip Island is known for, it’s a cracking holidays or getaway destination.

Rock formations on the Cape Woolami beach front are stunning and clearly make for some memorable photographic scenes, while Smiths and YCW are known for their stunning and challenging surf offerings for the die hard beach worshipper. Worth a visit!

High surf at Cape Wollamai on Philip Island,Victoria, Australia.

Surfers at Cape Woolamai, Melbourne.

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