Need A Cocktail? Go To The Westin Hotel (Sponsored Post)

There are many places in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane you can find the ideal cocktail. But none do it quite as well as the Westin Hotel, Sydney.

Melbourne is synonymous with the espresso martini, Sydney does a beachside margarita pretty well and Brisbane does a fancy daiquiri you can’t go past; but combine the best bits of those cities’ taste in cocktails and they all come together harmoniously at the Westin.

As part of the hotel chain’s Crafted at Westin initiative, the hotels are wheeling out all sorts of alcoholically-fuelled menus that celebrate the best parts of each hotel in each respective city, to the tune of eight new cocktails. Working with cocktails and accompanying food options, the Westin menus consist of natural ingredients and locally-inspired flavours alongside artisanal techniques that has produced an extensive cocktail menu in each city, inspired by the city itself. Very unique.

As an industry leader in wellness and hospitality around the world, it’s no surprise the Westin name has taken the next step in hospitality for its guests and visitors, focused around six areas of drive: Sleep Well, Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, Work Well and Play Well. Talk about a combination! To hone-in on what they’re offering and provide as easy access as possible to the new range of curated cocktails in the Westin Sydney venue, they’re available at The Lobby Bar, Lounge and Room.

All the cocktails on the menu are influenced by the local Sydney distillery, Archie Rose in Rosebery, who’re dedicated to to rich spirits and quality beverages.

“Together with Westin hotels and resorts across the globe, The Westin Sydney is proud to introduce Crafted at Westin. This signature beverage program allows our guests to have some fun while at the same time, enjoy in a premium and natural cocktail -a great way for our guests to unwind after a day at work or when relaxing with family and friends,” said General Manager of Westin Sydney Mark Burns.

The Westin Sydney - Mixed Berry Caprioska

Some of the drink available are:

Brookevale Stormy – dark rum with fresh lime compliments the spice of the Brookevale ginger beer creating a refreshing mix of sweet and sour.

Yellow Jacket – Archie Rose gin, yellow Chartreuse liquor mixed with house made honey syrup and cranberry juice creating an uplifting drink with a flavour kick.

Bellini Thyme – Archie Rose vodka, fresh thyme together with house made peach puree gives a touch of summer to this Bellini.

Mint and Cucumber Martini – the natural Australian botanical infused Archie Rose gin with the combination of mint and cucumber creates a well-balanced Australian inspired moment.

Mixed Berry Caprioska – fresh mixed berries muddled with limes and house made honey syrup, combined with Archie Rose vodka unveils a refreshing flavour burst.

Perfect Rose – Archie Rose gin and vodka partnered with fresh line and mint produces an aromatic drink that is balanced with a dash on tonic water.

Check it out at the Westin Sydney!

This is a sponsored post by Westin Hotels, but opinions are our own. 

The Westin Melbourne - Signature Espresso Martini










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