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Where to celebrate National Margarita Day this year

The world’s most loved South American export after Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony, the margarita cocktail, has its own national day of celebration and it’s life.

Tequila, salt, lime juice and Cointreau mixed together into a glass of happiness has never made you happy and this year on 22 February, drinking them all day is officially allowed (not really).

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There’s one place in Sydney turning it up for the day, El Camino Cantina in The Rocks is putting on a special event for the day where options of the classic, mango, strawberry or passionfruit, frozen or on the rocks options lie before you, ready to get the hump day celebrations started.

Also, they’re half priced at $7.50 a pop, best chased with a bowl of complimentary chips and salsa. Tequila plus freshly-squeezed lemon equals good times.

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