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My Sweet Box delivers the kind of happiness you didn’t think possible

Happiness does come in a box. And that box’s name is My Sweet Box.

Never before has someone thought a curated and carefully, lovingly created box of carbs and sugar could be the best gift – but it is, because you can’t eat flowers.

A Sydney initiative, the My Sweet Box revolution has taken hold, offering door-to-door deliveries of custom selected doughnuts, cronuts and other goodies, laced with all sorts of cavity-inducing glory that you know you want.

They specialise in delivering a premium range of treats and top it all off with unique touches including balloons, mini Nutella Jars, Nutella filled personalised syringes and mini or full-size bottles of liquor. And of course, because life, they also offer a gluten free selection of donuts and muffins ensuring everyone can indulge in a My Sweet Box surprise.

On the menu? Everything, basically. Golden Gay Time filled donuts, Nutella Cronuts, Salted Caramel with Butterscotch Popcorn topped donuts as well as 18 scroll flavours (such as Peanut Butter & Jam or Mocha) you’re literally spoilt for choice.

For Halloween this year, they’ve got on offer the “trick or treat” Sweet Box consisting of 6 doughnuts all decorated with spooky bells n’ whistles. See what it looks like below.

My Sweet Box Halloween


My Sweet Box currently delivers Sydney wide, with next day delivery guaranteed if orders are placed by 3pm the day prior.

See more at their website.

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