MSFW: Ted Baker London

The city centre is a-buzz with excitement despite the torrential downpour. It is Wednesday, the hump day of the week that no fashion blogger wants to ever end: fashion week. And is there any way to top off a Wednesday night other than a Ted Baker runway?

Amidst the energetic atmosphere of The Hub on Swanston Street you can find photo booths, stalls for the likes of Kevin Murphy and Colgate, and coffee for all. Every fashion personality in the room is rapidly recovering from their soaked sprints with the help of champagne and the welcoming atmosphere.

Once seated, the strobe lights begin to dance to the Ryan Hemsworth remixes, and the show begins.

The lights fade and the tent shudders with excitement: the two screens light up with the introductory skit for the Ted Baker London Spring Summer 2015 Collection: Pinch Me. With the blue and white backdrop that can only be described as paradise, the Ted Baker team have chosen their setting in their most romantic location yet: “A curious corner of the UK.”

“All is not as it seams…” This video promo provided the perfect snapshot of what was to come. From minimalist white on white two-pieces, classic pale pink floral prints, and sleek grey suits, to Hawaiian inspired men’s cardigans, faux fur and fluoro pink detailing – the collection’s slogan could not be more fitting.

Surrounded by vast canopies and quaint little houses, turquoise shutters and clear seas, the collection radiated of softness and romanticism. The short, four-minute video simply left the audience gasping for what is to come – and Ted Baker did not disappoint.

The show kicked off with model twins rocking pastel green silk dresses with pale pink patterns, and detachable capes. They set the scene for the soft and romantic designs that we are about to witness and fall in love with: cream and pastel colours and classic knee-length dresses that speak perfectly of feminine softness during the summer.

Accessories included statement faux crystals inserted on to rose gold chains, perfectly paired with the colorful yet petite tote bags and elegant leather pumps.

The men were not forgotten either, with this collections racy yet sophisticated vibe. Copper and grey chinos are paired with navy blazers and mandala inspired shirts, whilst timeless blue jeans are worn with vibrant, patterned blazers for the daring man.

Yet again, Ted Baker exceeds all expectations.

Ted Baker MSFW, THE F, 1

Ted Baker MSFW, THE F, 2

Ted Baker MSFW, THE F, 3

Ted Baker MSFW, THE F, 4

Ted Baker MSFW, THE F, 5

Ted Baker MSFW, THE F, 6

Ted Baker MSFW, THE F, 7

Ted Baker MSFW, THE F, 8

Ted Baker MSFW, THE F, 9

Ted Baker MSFW, THE F, 10

Ted Baker MSFW, THE F, 11

Ted Baker MSFW, THE F, 12

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