MSFW: Peter Jackson

It was an explosion of colour at Peter Jackson’s first ever runway at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

It’s really any wonder why the collection has been entitled ‘The Tailored Escape’, having clearly drawn its inspiration on the perceptions of travel, adventure and exotic locales (not that we’re really complaining).

Following their classic aesthetic of suits, blazers and traditional outerwear pieces, the Summer/Spring 16 collection took us on a journey to tropical Hawaii with their stunning colour palettes of oceanic blue, teal, sunset orange, purple and more.

Patterns were also played upon in the latest collection, a welcome addition to their launch on the big stage as it gave eyes a little break from the huge pops of colours – think along the lines of stripes, poppies, florals and checks, all of which were seamlessly infused with the intense hues.

Overall, Peter Jackson’s vivacious palette and foray into lively styling (as opposed to the traditional suiting aesthetic they are generally renowned for) have hit all of the right marks at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Especially as we were all marvelling with anticipating eyes, oohing and ahhing as each outfit was showcased on the stage. Well done, Peter Jackson, well done.









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