MSFW: Jason Grech

Jason Grech is a Melbourne based couture designer who’s crafted a name for himself in luxurious dresses, gowns and fabric-focused design for women.

His debut at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week this year is a welcome addition and brings the best of what some elements of Melburnian design have to offer.

For over a decade, his work has seen inspirational designs, the likes of which floated down the first MSFW runway at Melbourne town hall, playing with rich jewelled colours, movement to the nth degree in draping on the female form and silhouettes that would make Andre Leon Tally quiver over.

Jason Grech has successfully created diverse textures and tones for his stunning collections with his talent in the marriage of fine detailing, delicate embroideries and outstanding quality to produce show-stopping gowns year after year.

Photos courtesy of Meagan Harding Photography. 

MSFW_2014_Runway_1 026-XL

MSFW_2014_Runway_1 040-X2

MSFW_2014_Runway_1 048-XL

MSFW_2014_Runway_1 060-X2

MSFW_2014_Runway_1 081-XL

MSFW_2014_Runway_1 095-X2

MSFW_2014_Runway_1 111-XL

MSFW_2014_Runway_1 007-X2



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