MSFW: Christine

Sporting elements of what it really means and looks like to be chic, the collection of Christine for spring-summer at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week encapsulates exactly that.

Through monochromatic tones of blacks, whites and greys that merged effortlessly into the more vibrant and colourful hues of summer, the collection of Christine brought elegant femininity back to the runway, shying away from tight overly ‘party’ looks of other certain designers.

The life of geometry sparked an air of excitement in many of the printed pieces of the collection as an homage to the festivity of the season and the push for the season toward vibrant colour ways alongside neutral tones.

Photography courtesy of Meagan Harding Photography

MSFW_Runway_3 684-X2 christine

MSFW_Runway_3 695-XL christine


MSFW_Runway_3 708-XL christine

MSFW_Runway_3 718-X2 christine

MSFW_Runway_3 725-XL christine

MSFW_Runway_3 742-XL christine

MSFW_Runway_3 749-XL christine


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