MSFW: Akira

There’s a certain air of elegance and classicism that comes with Japanese design.

So when a Japanese designer has the talent of the Japanese and the inventiveness of the Australian, a collection is bound to be as elegant and effortlessly chic as the work of Melbourne designer Akira Isogawa, who recently showed at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

Since inception Akira’s work has been comparatively second to none, and this spring-summer season is no exception. A regal red colour palette coupled with traditionally appearing tailoring and embellishments, crosshatched and geometric prints and fabric work made for a remarkably intricate collection.

Free flowing garments are the flavour of the season for Akira, as made evident through his excessive fabrics in coats, tops and bottoms, allowing the body to breathe and the outfit to move to the beat of the natural elements that clearly inspired Akira Isogawa this season.

Photography courtesy of Meagan Harding Photography

MSFW_Runway_3 013-XL akira

MSFW_Runway_3 037-XLa kira

MSFW_Runway_3 043-XL akira

MSFW_Runway_3 046-XL akira

MSFW_Runway_3 084-XL akira

MSFW_Runway_3 075-X2 akira

MSFW_Runway_3 068-XL akira

MSFW_Runway_3 063-X2 akira

MSFW_Runway_3 056-XL akira

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