Mrs Sippy Double Bay Chefs Table Sydney table dinner

Sometimes a chill dinner at Mrs Sippy Double Bay is all you need

Nestled along a thoroughfare of Double Bay, Mrs Sippy sits gorgeously ready to receive you. Complete with fresh and minimalist décor, flowers to make your instagram account pop, and soft lighting to bring the mood just where you want it, Mrs Sippy knows how to treat you right.

The menu is sensational.

Mrs Sippy Double Bay Chefs Table Sydney food table

We’re talking house baked focaccia to kick it all off, nimbly followed by BBQ chipotle king prawns to be daintily dipped or smothered in tomatillo salsa. A tangy and brightly flavoured sauce, while the prawns are fresh and firm, you’re a happy camper from mouthful one.

The BBQ Seoul chicken in a lettuce cup and roast eggplant, tahini and spiced chickpea are dishes that you’d write home about. The Seoul chicken hits the taste buds with unapologetic swagger and the roast eggplant is the sexiest vegetable there is.

There is just the question of the:

  • Peri, peri chicken with crispy confit chicken stock potatoes
  • Lamb pizza with eggplant, green chilli and ricotta that will change your life, how you experience taste and your expectations forever more
  • Blackened barramundi, fried plantain, avocado and coconut
  • Charred greens with chilli and lemon
  • Sweet potato fried, furikake and yuzu mayonnaise
  • Cauliflower, pomegranate, olives and sumac salade
  • Matcha green tea & coconut pannacotta with raspberry sorbet

And then:

That which will re-write the course of your future and have you drooling all over your re-heated microwave warmed muffin…

The chocolate fondant with miso caramel and macadamia sauce. It’s even hard to write it in remembrance, so profound was its impact. That caramel sauce, is to die for.

Besides, with winter coming and all, it’s best to go south. It’s the stuff of dreams darlings, get thee hence and dine at Mrs Sippy Double Bay.

Find Mrs Sippy at 37 Bay Street, Double Bay and their website

Mrs Sippy Double Bay Chefs Table Sydney table

Mrs Sippy Double Bay Chefs Table Sydney dinner group

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