Mr. Porter’s Journal

Mr. Porter has rapidly become the world’s go-to of men’s fashion and style.

Their Journal is a nice little injection of savvy editorial with some pretty awesome names who have shown or show a nice sense of style, humour, an interesting something to tell a story about or just worth a read.

The Journal’s most recent edition features some pretty interesting words by Hollywood actor James Marsden whose epic career has led him to the dizzying heights of working alongside Will Ferrel and Steve Carrell in the current release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. 

The sad thing about The Journal is that it works to Australia’s opposite season, but no matter! Taking tips from the current season abroad gives Australian men a nice insight into how to dress when you’re not dressing that way, making the section ‘The Look’ feature on the wool blazer as pertinent as it is irrelevant.

A definite read for all men from any walk. Check it out at

James Marsden 1

James Marsden 4

James Marsden 5

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