Mr. Porter’s Guide to the Perfect Shave

For those amongst us who are a little bit left-in-the-dark when it comes to shaving; your saving grace is here.

Whether you were self-taught, had a neglectful Dad or just never picked-up quite the tried and tested way of doing the most manly of things that gives you right to your gender, Mr. Porter has swooped in and put together the above snazzy video which explains in five easy steps the best and most friendly-to-the-skin ways of getting it done.

From moistening to lathering to the shave itself and all post-shave procedures, Mr. Porter has shed some very mellow light on a simple task that oh so many men get wrong.

Some key things to take away from their awesome insight is to, 1) buy a badger hair shaving brush to apply foam or creme to your face, 2) get a decent three-blade razor and 3) keep your face wet. Nothing sucks more than a dry shave.

So it’s over to you! Watch, learn and practise to walk the path to a decent face.

Good luck.

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