Mr. Porter’s gone fit

Gone are the days when no one gave a damn about how they looked at gym. It’s not the most flattering of things to do with your time, anyway.

Gone are the days when we wore whatever we could find because we knew it’d become foul within an hour or two.

Nowadays, it’s about style as much as it’s about keeping fit and taming your oh-so-easy-to-destroy body.

The clever guys at MR PORTER cottoned onto this little trend that’s been building for years so far and have decided that now’s the time for them to put together a swag of gym-focused clothes and accessories for men that keep us looking good on the very outside as well as what lies beneath.

For someone who recently (enough) joined a gym to make everything I just mentioned above, and more, happen, this as you can imagine is quite exciting.

By breaking-up what they have on offer to six distinct categories cycling, golf, running, sailing, shooting and skiing (most of which you can’t in fact do at gym), the collection is spelt out in layman’s terms for even the most gym-style conscious rookie.

By far my favourite piece in the MR PORTER sportswear offering is the new cult pieces that have taken off like a rocket since their debut in white in April. The Nike X Riccardo Tisci Nike Air Force One sneaker is back this time in black, spacing to the basketball aficionado in us all, though whom most likely never made it.

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