Mr. Porter’s Bremont Codebreaker

The guys behind the Bremont watch brand have really hit a doozy when it comes to one of their latest addition to their collection of wrist watches for the more stylishly discerning gentleman, the Bremont Codebreaker watch.

With a genuine slice of history, the British Bremont boys Nick and Giles English have harked back to the war that shook the world, WWII, and played on the success of the allied forces. The code breaking facility at Bletchley Park in England is said to have helped bring an end to the war and as patriotic as they are, they’re replicating some pieces of history in the watch itself.

Bremont has crafted this British-made stainless steel automatic watch with original artefacts from the site, including wood from the floorboards in the crown and parts of an Enigma machine in the movement’s rotor as well as including a unique serial number written in the side of the case using numbers from punch cards used at the base.

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