MR PORTER x Levi’s

MR PORTER has decided he will launch a limited edition three-piece ultimate collectable denim with Levi’s.

Sam Kershaw, the guy behind the buying of denim at MR PORTER has had his own hand personally in the design collaboration between MR PORTER and Levi’s, making sure that only the best make the cut.

Each pair of the specially constructed jeans takes 72 hours to create and will be handmade at Levi’s own ‘Innovation Lab’ called the Eureka in San Francisco. Sounds so dramatic for a pair of denim, doesn’t it?

If there’s one thing you learn through the years of denim ownership and wearing, though, is that Levi’s are one of the foremost authorities in denim. With history that dates back eras in the United States, I remember today an exhibit of ‘the world’s oldest jeans’ they hosted in Melbourne Central.

Complete with an historian for the range of ancient worker’s denim, you immediately know that Levi’s takes their vocation quite seriously.

The jeans are crafted from Cone Mills’ White Oak selvedge denim made in North Carolina – Cone have collaborated with Levi Strauss & Co. for 100 years – and each pair will feature an exclusive Eureka lab stamp on the inside pocket and a big ‘E’ on the back of the buttons.

The 501® CT can be worn true-to-size, for an everyman fit on top with tapering through the leg, for a slim fit, down-sized for slimmer style, or up-sized for a more casual look.

MR PORTER Levi's jeans 1

MR PORTER Levi's jeans 4

MR PORTER Levi's jeans 3

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One Response to “MR PORTER x Levi’s”
  1. Jeans Monkey says:

    That seems like a bucketload of extra cash to be paying out for what is essentially a pair of 501’s, but I guess exclusivity comes at a price!