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Brunch in Melbourne: Mr & Mrs Anderson

No food scene would be complete without brunch and with the endless amount of choices, the pressure is on to offer the tastiest and prettiest dishes in hopes that diners will share their food photos on Instagram and bring more brunch fanatics through their doors.

What Mr and Mrs Anderson are doing is exactly that but with a conscious twist – they are sourcing and using the best local and seasonal produce as well as using their own grown produce from their own farm in Gippsland. Co-owner Roulla Saisanas explains how important it is for them to use the best local produce as well as their own grown produce to provide their diners with an organic, seasonal and evolving menu. This of course is on top of the kitchen making everything from scratch, from jams to the brioche bread that is a key ingredient in their insta-famous dessert of caramelised brioche with crystalised white chocolate and matcha truffles.

The chef behind the philosophy of ‘sustainable eats’ and the creative behind their classic yet modern and trendy menu is Danish born and trained chef ‘GD’ who has come from a background in fine dining, having worked in Michelin Star restaurants abroad, as well as some well known restaurants in Melbourne.

Chatting with Chef GD, we got a better understanding on the vast variety of dishes available, being influenced by his European background, his travel experiences but also his dining experiences in Melbourne, which Chef GD says have influenced menu items like the soft shell crab burger and the salmon poke bowl.

Now add the clean and chic Danish decor as well as the openness that brings in the most incredible natural lighting, Mr and Mrs Anderson truly is every food lover’s dream!

See more at their website here.

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