Mr. Madden burgeons onto the Bourke Street bustle

“Today, fashion is dictated by individual style.

To me, the fashion of the future is anything

that a young guy or girl feels good wearing

as long as it’s put together in the right way.”

                                                                                                   – Steve Madden

Who doesn’t love music? Alcohol? Shoes?!

No one? Thought so. Steve Madden it seems, knows us all to well. They proved it recently at the official launch and opening of their new Bourke Street Mall flagship abode to the tunes of legendary and ever popular Australian celebrity DJ, Ruby Rose.

Chris Rivera, Irish Rivera and I for Stylezilla and Calvin Chong of Vanity Press

Sitting proudly and prominently next to leading Spanish retailer, Zara, Steve Madden reached the big 1.0. in terms of Australian stores. Where to from here? Onwards and upwards we’re sure. We’d hope so too, given their not-too-long-ago liquidation and dismemberment.

The store is the biggest in the world, so you walk in and you’re smacked with a testament to the New York loft vibe of a three-level store layout, combined with zany pop art and a seemingly retro hailing to street art. Either way, it’s a very cool store with a clean, spacious and enticing vibe.

Steve Madden’s general manager, Fiona Healy said, “Think New York loft meets urban ghetto and you’re somewhere close to the look and feel of the store.”

The store, clearly in a festive mood, offered all guests a chance at winning free shoes or whopper discounts of anywhere between 20-50 per cent off items for the night.

The store’s basement level is oh so manly, when men being cast own to the depths to rummage through the new AW12 range on offer to them. Combined with a lick of the store’s sale items, it was quite an interesting offering.

Work your way up to the ground floor and you’re looking at women’s footwear, accessories and handbags. Mosey on up the cascading stairwell, which leads upstairs to a pop-art filled, boldly coloured and interestingly decorated floor, that features the whacky and eclectic Betsey Johnston range.

Betsey is an American icon – which is probably why we haven’t heard of, nor really care for her – she’s a breast cancer survivor and a prominent advocate for the cause.

The third and top level is also where our DJ guest spun her tunes for the enjoyment of a heaving crowd. The more enthusiastic of us had a bit of a wallflower’s bop and got in pictures where we could, given she didn’t pose for photographs for her fans at the end.

Chris thinking he’s cool (he’s not), with Ruby and I

For those who don’t know, Steve Madden is considered one of America’s leading shoe labels with roots as far back as 1990. Steve started crafting shoes with nothing more than $US1,100 to his name and a factory from which to craft his pieces. Shortly after, it all took off and went global after introducing his refined platform shoes and thick, chunky heel, as displayed by the lovely Nikki below.

Nikki from Steve Madden and I

The brand is nowadays moved-on from being purely shoes, to include bags, clothes and accessories.

Now that Steve’s back, it’s one almighty addition to the footwear offering in Melbourne.

Also, thanks to Steve Madden for the goodie bags; complete with Fashion Journal, tasti D-lite freebie, Beyond coconut water, The Body Shop perfume, Burberry makeup, Steve Madden shoe polish sponge, Formula 10.0.6, Le Tan fast tan, Sprite lip balm and a Steve Madden mousepad.

You can find Steve Madden’s website here, and their Australian Twitter page here.

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