Moving-In With Howard’s Storage World

When it comes to finding a new apartment, in a new city, living with a stranger or any other of the myriad of other new, exciting and more-than-likely nerve racking experiences that moving into a new apartment entails, it can be full-on.

The last thing you want to worry about is something along the lines of how exactly you’re going to store your possessions once you actually get them inside. This is where Howard’s Storage World comes in handy.

They basically have everything you’d ever need. From containers for small nothings to laundry requirements, bathrooms bits you’re surprised to know you lived without previously or organisational anything, they’re the perfect go-to.

Moving into a new apartment is made that much easier from the kitchen to the laundry to the bedroom and many thing in-between thanks to these four handy items that without, your life can almost literally seem beyond hectic without.


The kitchen drawers: a hotbed of disorganisation and havoc.

Enter the trusty cutlery tray. Hideously overlooked, but practically worshipped as the be-all and end-all of kitchen organisational requirements. For $56 this is purchased, slotted into any carefully measured drawer in the kitchen and watch the organisational magic unfold.


Cutley insert



As long as there are clothes, there’s a need to wash them, and as long as there’s a need to wash clothing, there’s a need to dry it. Behold the White 10 Rail Concertina clothing airer which compacts into a conveniently small unit perfect for anything light-to-moderate in weight and sizes of all variations. Invest while the time is nigh.

Clothes airerBathroom

The bathroom is a hotbed of chaos. From the hair straightener to the toothbrushes and all the moisturiser, things can get crazy pretty quickly. By keeping the larger, more dangerous electrical items off the bench, we have more space and with more space comes more happiness. Try one of these hairdryer stands for an organisation boost you might need. For $12.95, it’s a simple solution.

Hair dryer stand



Because of course, one can never have too many shoes, the storage space on offer to keep them more often than not runs quite short. Quick-fix shelving units with a few easy screws are often a simple solution and work a treat. Howards Storage World has one that is quite good and takes 10 minutes to assemble. See it here.


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