Moving House Just Got Easier With Inspection Manager

Moving out? Moving in? Or just managing properties and can no longer handle the masses of paperwork that involves? It all just got easier with ‘Inspection Manager‘.

Inspection Manager is a new app that started from a small idea only two years ago. Now, with a dedicated team of IT and real estate professionals at the helm, what it offers people on the property market is until now unprecedented.

It does away with the need for inspection reports, paperwork, camera, digital photos and a great big mess of filing and organisation that up until now has plagued property inspectors and landlords alike. With each inspection comes a new chapter of the internal working of the program, which records a long history of inspections and property reports, making each one easier to refer to as the last.

With additional features in the program such as the ability to contact tenants through the app itself, fully customisable layouts with room name tags, live chat and online support as well as the ability to vocally dictate notes, the app has it all.

See more about it all at this video…


This post was created in conjunction with Inspection Manager. 




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