Movies with Vodka O

By Taylor Koniw.

Guests were sent back to the 80s at Southbank’s The Backlot Studios for the Vodka O movie night, which combined the cult-classic movie ‘Top Gun’ with the four fabulous flavour combinations of the Vodka O craft premixed drinks.

Combining their award-winning Vodka with sparkling water, real fruit juices, and herbs & spices, Vodka O premixed drinks were sipped on and enjoyed as guests awaited their own private screening at Australia’s first purpose-built private cinema.

Accompanying the fruity drink combo’s of ‘Pear and Vanilla’, ‘Pineapple, Cucumber, & Mint’, ‘Strawberry, Cranberry, & Basil, and ‘Apple, Ginger, & Spice’ were a delightful selection of foods from Melbourne’s popular (and arguably the best!) food truck Hammer and Tong, who catered the evening.

As if guests weren’t spoilt enough with the choice of delicious foods (lavender-infused custard, or a soft shell crab burger anyone?) and selection of drinks, but were then led into the spacious state-of-the-art cinema where plush roomy seats were lined with buckets of hot popcorn all set for Tom Cruise in all his (former) glory!

The Backlot Studios was the perfect setting for such an event, with the glorious selection of Vodka O propped on a backdrop of old school cinema style, with movie-themed décor and a selection of cult classic film posters adding that special touch, making the movie-going experience that much more exciting and enjoyable.

The whole event was incredible, and staff who helped host, cater, and serve guests went above and beyond to ensure everyone had a fabulous time. For anyone who is in Melbourne, why not visit Backlot Studios and book your company Christmas party there for your own personalised movie night – the staff are wonderful and deliver a real high-class movie going experience. Visit for more info.

To find out more and to sample the delicious range of Vodka O drinks, visit

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