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Movie review: Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya shine in the movie of 2018, ‘The Greatest Showman’

Remember when Baz Luhrmann teamed-up with Leonardo Dicaprio to create the big screen phenomenon that was The Great Batsby back in 2013?

Well, there’s now a new production in town vying for top spot and Michael Gracy’s The Greatest Showman isn’t pulling any punches.

Greatest Showman movie FOX Hugh Jackman PT Barnum

A visually meaty, delightfully camp, dream-like colourful and musically effervescent production which makes its way to cinemas on Boxing Day this year, The Greatest Showman is a mammoth production (USD$84 million) that will the the right brain doing backflips.

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The movie is about the tale of the man behind modern day ‘showbiz’, Phineas T. Barnum, the guy who invented the circus, essentially. It not only celebrates the singing, dancing and acting capabilities of its leads Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron, but puts vocally stunning singer and actress Keala Settle and actresses Rebecca Ferguson and Michelle Williams on the glittery podiums they deserve (as well as the rest of the cast).

Greatest Showman movie FOX Zac Efron Zendaya

And though it features striking acting by the entire cast and encircles a tale of success and failure of a man almost too ambitious and creative for his own good, furthermore, it’s a movie that quite literally makes you realise how genuinely awful, but sensationally brilliant people can be at the same time.

Greatest Showman movie FOX Zebra Hugh Jackman

It addresses bigotry in that there is fear of the unknown; racism in that shocking in this day and age, people still have issues with those of other skin tones; infidelity and the knock-on affect that has through all channels and a striking, smile-inducing borderline toe-tappingly infectious gay abandon for colour, light, sound and the infectiousness of dance that turns an other ‘movie’ into a visual, audible and near physically embracing celebration of the power of cinema and the power a message can have.

Greatest Showman movie FOX Rebecca Ferguson Jenny Lind

Quite largely, The Greatest Showman celebrates humanity as a whole – with all its unique, flawed-yet-perfect quirks, kinks and stains – wraps it up in a blanket and gives it a huge hug with the backing track of 10 marvellous pieces of musical work by John Debney, Joseph Trapanese and Justin Paul, all sung by the cast.

Greatest Showman movie FOX Hugh Jackman circus

There’s a poignant line in the movie from resident theatre critic played by Paul Sparks where he mentions the coming together of people of all kinds, colours, shapes and sizes as a celebration of humanity. That’s exactly what the movie is.

Greatest Showman movie FOX Circus

Veil it in the tale of a man responsible for what we consider entertainment these days, pepper it with some sparkle, a drenching of vocal work, an absolute turnout by the costumes department and a range of 10 winning tracks that we will hear on repeat now and for the next year and you have a movie everyone needs to see.

The Greatest Showman launches in cinemas this Boxing Day 2017. See more from 21st Century Fox and get your tickets right here.

Greatest Showman movie FOX Hugh Jackman Rebecca Ferguson

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