Get your Mum on a Sugar High this Mother’s Day

On the off chance you can’t find anything to get your Mother this Mother’s Day with this epic gift guide here, then branch out further afield and straight up consider getting her high…

*Ahem* and by that, of course, it’s a Sugar High we’re talking about, the latest and greatest in show-stopping baked goods that have taken over Sydney. Nothing else.

Sugar High cake dessert Mothers Day THE F 4

By combining a Mum’s supposed favourite things like flowers, cake and jewellery, the independently-run, well renowned bakery is turnout out stunning cakes to really hit home on her special day.

They’re called┬áthe “Mother’s Day Surprise Cake” and features features a hidden gem in the centre of the cake packaged in a Kinder Surprise which is then reveals something special upon cutting; a set of Swarovski earrings. Nothing exceeds like excess, they say.
Sugar High cake dessert Mothers Day THE F 3
The vanilla cake has a touch of rose essence, iced with white chocolate truffle ganache, glazed with white chocolate ganache, topped with edible rose petals and 24 karat leaf gold, and finally topped with rose flavoured macarons and pulled sugar work.
Sugar High cake dessert Mothers Day THE F 1

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