Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Who doesn’t love their Mum?

She might do your head in all the time from time-to-time and be perpetually around, but it’s that physical embodiment of love that means when Mother’s Day rolls around yet again, it’s the time to shower the woman with love, gifts and materialistic embodiments of your version.

Here are some of our favourite suggestions…

Evoke D2

Pure Evoke D2

With cracking battery life and so tight on space it’s ideal for the kitchen or any limited bench space, the Evoke D2 wireless speaker is the perfect lonely mother-soother that streams music from her phone or tablet computer.

Switching from Pandora to your favourite local radio station can be done on the one device with a flick of a switch.

Coming in at $229, it’s an investment that’ll keep her out of your hair (WWW).


Carmex Jasmine Green Tea lip balm

Unlock the teenie-bopper girl in your mother, bringing back to her what it means to have perfectly plump and moisturised lips outside of her Chanel or YSL lipstick.

The Carmex lip balm brand has just launched a pretty delicious Green Tea flavoured lip balm. Cheap ($5.99), cheerful and and easy out, this option is a go for those who are awful at picking gifts (WWW).

Curious Grace

Curious Grace homewares

Pretty Scandinavian designed homewares and interior pieces, Curious Grace offers some seriously beautiful options for Mum’s Day.

To use these as an example, these marble and leather vessels and candle holders are a beautiful example of Scandinavian design simplicity. Coming in at only $80 for the small size, to $95 for the medium size and $155 for the largest vase, they’re a decent option (WWW).

Murphy and Daughters

Murphy & Daughters leather cosmetic bag

For every trip and time away, cosmetics and bathroom essentials are never far behind.

This leather cosmetic bag by Murphy & Daughters features pink contrast waxed cotton stitching and a canvas zip in pink with brass hardware, perfect for Mother. Each bag comes with a vibrant floral lining and two internal pockets and chimes in at $150 (WWW).

Charli Bird poncho

Charli Bird poncho

All luxe, all cashmere, all the time; the Charli Bird collection is stylish, easy to wear and quality making it perfect for the old woman.

The ponchos are made in Nepal, using the finest quality cashmere and wool woven on traditional looms. They’re light weight and made to last. With two styles in the range; long in black and camel; and regular in black, camel, grey, nautical navy, and ruby red, there’s sure to be a favourite for every woman (WWW).

Creme Simon

Creme Simon, Creme Universelle

New to Australia, the Creme Simon range is a must have for the beauty cabinet. Around since 1860, the popularity of their hero product, Creme Universelle is unsurpassed, celebrating these days, a new lightweight formula that heals accute dryness and skin irritations.

Coming in at only $68 per 30mL, it’s at the upper end, but worth it (WWW).

Spa de Marrakech 1

Spa de Marrakech, Victoria

Take Mum on a trip to Morocco; just not quite as far or requiring such a financial bombshell.

About an hour from the centre of Melbourne, the Spa de Marrakech is a new initiative by the Japanese day spas in Montrose, celebrating all that’s good in Middle Eastern and ancient Roman bathing rituals and methods.

We reviewed what they’re all about here, but you can expect Mum’s pampering in the way of massages, mud scrubs, hours of bathing in mineral water and a good cook in the steam room (WWW).

Monster Diamondz

Monster Diamondz earphones

For the mother with a bit more swag than most, these are ideal.

Help her disconnect herself from the world and enjoy some ‘her’ time away from screaming kids and family with these design-fabulous and bling-tastic earphones.

Easy enough to coordinate with most outfits of style and affordable at $399 from selected retailers, she’ll love them (WWW).

Paul Louis

A bottle of Paul Louis

After a long day of gifting, eating, celebrating and whatever else has come her (or your) way, top it all off with a glass of bubbly.

Paul Louis is delicious, sports some winning complex aromas or white fruits, blossom and chamomile and works stupendously as an aperitif to be shared with family or friends.

Coming in at only $24.95 per bottle, it’s only too easy to decide what to do (WWW).


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