Mosmann Undies, From The Inside, Out

I’ve never understood why people don’t put quality and comfort above all else when it comes to what they wrap their goods in.

Mosmann, while sharing a name with an established clothing label (different spelling), is an underwear label for men and women that puts that emphasis on exactly that: quality. And style.

With some bold prints you don’t find with many other brands on the market and a brand personality that celebrates the way we feel instead of just the way we look, Mosmann is a nice new introduction into the undies market.

The brand is, as they say, ready to challenge the mediocrity of any other men’s underwear label by being bold, out there and with eco-friendly fabrics.

Mosmann is very different from any other underwear brand you may have seen before, and really represent the super chilled Australian lifestyle and aesthetic.

Mosmann underwear 2

Mosmann underwear 1

Mosmann underwear 3

Mosmann underwear 5


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