When Montblanc’s CEO Introduces You To The New Collection

Pair supple leather with a carefully selected monochrome palette and what do you get?

No, it’s not a main course at Aria, but it’s close.

You get Montblanc‘s latest range of stationery, work apparel and watches.

Following a successful global release, CEO and charming presence Jerome Lambert brings Montblanc to Australian shores with an event launch that amplified the touch of class in every stitch, buckle and compartment to the luxury accessory brands image.

Catered by Aria’s palettable menu, served in fashionable, still-starving but utterly divine portions, the event held in Sydney Opera houses scenic Utzon Room welcomed us with one overarching message:

“Enjoy elegance Sydney”, delivered of course, in a fabulous French-German voice with a gentle vernacular.

Mont Blanc office stationery

Expertly curated, Montblanc celebrates its 110th anniversary since its inception in 1906 where three pioneers of the fashion world laid routes in Germany.

On the forefront of mechanical innovation, quickly labelled the haute accessory couture of Hamburg, Montblanc’s popularity expanded exponentially to a globally appreciative audience.

And it’s safe to say, even after a century and a decade in operation, the brand continues to please.

Whether a wristwatch wearer or stationery sycophant, Montblanc’s latest release has an unparalleled line for everyone.

For the corporate official, the 4810 collection of stainless steel watches maintains the spirit of uncompromising style and craftsmanship, running concurrently with the needs of modern traveller.

The urban spirit collection, a brand new line to Montblanc, couples supple leather wallets, notebook covers and bags, in the signature and sexy black palette. For those with a love of colour, don’t fret.

They have a slew of eye-catching pigments to cater to you too.

As for the pens and stationery, homage is paid to some of the western worlds most brilliant writers, with the limited edition Shakespeare line igniting creativity in every stroke.

In an age where iPhones have collectivised the way we organise, document and track time, its important to still appreciate the instruments that we used prior to that, and look upon Montblanc’s iconic white star with a gleaming eye.

Mont Blanc office stationery

Mont Blanc office stationery






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