Montblanc Black and White

By Claudia Wood. 

Black and white can be seen as a contrast, complementary or timeless, depending on your view.

Montblanc chose to view their black and white event as a point of difference; as symbolism for their new collection that will be released this year. With four thousand five hundred pieces in their collection, you may think that Montblanc deviating from their previous line of thought may be difficult, but they’ve presented the collection with such ease that it seems a natural path.

Montblanc is a top producer of luxury watches, writing instruments and jewelry, but their target audience is not just those who can afford a $400,000 watch.

Their consumer range is so broad that they tailor collections from commercial to luxury. They pride themselves on creating timeless designs on fine, lifetime companions and with Australians accepting luxury products now more than ever, they plan to move their already high status of business, much higher.

With Hugh Jackman at the helm of their new advertorial campaign, it is nothing short of spectacular. The relaxed and comfortable attitude of Jackman, combined with the luxury of the iconic Meisterstück and the beautiful Star Classique timepiece, is elegant and alluring.

Celebrating 90 years of the Meisterstück, Montblanc are continuing the life of an iconic writing instrument and encourage the use of a beautiful written script as an expression of oneself. They have created many designs of writing instruments in order to let the consumer personalize their writing. Their Limited Editions are specific standouts in the collection, including the magnificent, ivory ‘Princess Grace de Monaco’ line.

The Australian General Manger of Montblanc, Randall Foote, who has been with the brand and watched it grow for twenty years, encourages both men and women to preserve the written word and write cards, thank you notes, ideas and diaries, because when you write with a Montblanc, you are creating an extension of yourself.

Montblanc have turned their aims to take over as world leader in luxury men’s watches. They expect nothing less of their brand with no options for lower and no plan B. Montblanc have changed a lot over the past few years, as have many brands to cater for modern migration, but as Mr Foote explains, Montblanc has never deviated from their core.

“Our core is timeless design, precious materials and the ability to pass our products on from generation to generation… We needed a physical representation of our DNA. This was very important to the founders. We chose Montblanc, the mountain, as our namesake because of the physical representation in Europe of the highest peak and our constant achievement – good enough is never good enough, perfection is never perfect, the next thing is going to be more perfect, if there’s such a word.”

The black and white press breakfast that we attended recently, with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, of course oozed simple and timeless luxury. Downstairs, mingling over cups of coffee and glasses of yogurt with a presentation from General Manager Randall Foote; upstairs, an array of jewelry, leather, writing instruments and watches, set out on exquisite displays.

Luxury watches were sat in a glass display where guests were able to view their visible heartbeats, while the rest of the range was able to be touched and tried on. Luxury watches are made to order and hand crafted to perfection, each piece being made from scratch. Montblanc watches also have a clear backing, so the consumer is able to see each piece working throughout the watch. Each piece has an element of timeless design that has continued over the years with modern aspects be it diamonds, glow in the dark numbers or tiny, solid-gold detailing.

Though we did not view all four-thousand-five-hundred pieces in the Montblanc collection, every piece viewed was special in its own way. Each designed for a person of different taste through detailing and dedication. The exquisite new collection, which will be launched throughout the year, is of tasteful luxury that everyone needs to complete their unique self expression.

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