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Molo wine bar at Manta Woolloomooloo

Down the end of Finger Wharf in Woolloomooloo, past the slice of Sydney aquatic real estate that #fashion bloggers have staked as their own lies Molo Bar at Manta; one of Sydney’s must-visit venues.

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It’s small and modest, but refined, offering up food and drinks a step back from the pretentiousness of the restaurants that precede it as it still capitalises on the views and prime location the wharf offers.

Molo is an Italian wine bar that is driven by the quote, La semplicità è la sofisticatezza finale (Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication) that puts its heart and soul into what it does.

Riccardo Bernabei together with Rob Rubis feature simple, sophisticated Italian dishes, digestives, bitters, grappa and unique wines from lesser known regions across Italy such as Sicily, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia, Calabria and Basilicata.

As a guest, your drink accompanied by a specifically matched cicchetti, a small bite to awaken the palate.

The full menu – written in Italian and English – is a close collaboration between Riccardo and Manta’s chefs; executive chef Daniel Hughes and head chef Steve Hetherington, while the menu offers a select range of plates to share which will be changed according to seasonal availability. Determined to provide a genuine Italian experience, Riccardo has gone to extraordinary lengths to source the best produce direct from Italy, with many of the ingredients sourced by small Italian importers, specifically for Molo’s menu.

It’s a sensational place for lovers of Italian cuisine, Italian wine and an al fresco dining experience that is for the fan of the slower pace.

Check out more at the Molo Bar website.

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