Model Files: Reece Carter, Giant Management

Male modelling is a career for the formidable of character, typically hot and with-positive attitude men whose opinions of themselves and their industry is professional, poised and presentable at all (most) times.

I had a chat with Reece Carter from Giant Model Management, who let me into his thoughts on how it all goes down…

Why modelling?

Because it’s fun! I got approached by an agency in Perth, and it started slowly. But when I moved to Melbourne I decided I’d really give it a shot while I’m studying. So I found Giant Management, through a mate of mine who was signed with them already, and have been doing it alongside my degree ever since. I count myself fairly lucky to be able to model while I study.

What are the three best things about being a male model?

–       The fun people you meet, both through jobs, and at the agency. Giant has been like a big family.

–       The weird and unexpected situations you land yourself in.

–       The motivation it gives me to get myself to the gym. It’s much harder to excuse a lazy day when you know you have to be in front of a camera in your underwear in a week.

Reece Carter

How time consuming is your choice of career?

The keeping in shape element is time-consuming, but besides that it’s not too crazy. It’s more about being flexible. You don’t get a choice in when a casting or a shoot is, so I have to be constantly juggling work and school commitments.

What demands does modelling place on you physically and mentally?

It’s pretty tough when you first start going to castings and DON’T get jobs. It can be a blow to the self-esteem. But you build a thick skin from it fairly quickly. If people don’t like your look, they don’t like your look. You get over it, and it’s actually quite liberating once you do. Physically? Well, I mentioned the training and dieting is a big one. Apart from that, a shoot can actually be pretty tiring. It sounds odd, since all you’re doing is being in front of a camera, but you have to be “on” the whole time. Getting the right shot depends on so much – lighting, angle, expression etc  – that you have to be present and focussed 100% of the time. After a full day shoot, it’s pretty draining.

Reece Carter

Tell me some of your best achievements as a male model.

Well Giant has got me some awesome jobs, including nationwide campaigns for brands like Jeanswest and ZU Shoes. I also recently got named as Ellen Degenere’s Aussie Underwear Model, and got to fly to LA and be on her show. That was pretty incredible.

Did you see yourself in this position five years ago?

Five years ago I was living in London, having a “gap year” adventure. I didn’t know where I saw myself!

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

At the end of this year I’ll be a qualified naturopath. Natural medicine is a big passion, so that’s where I want my focus to be. Hopefully I can combine the two and do some health-related work in media. Perhaps presenting, and writing. As well as practicing in my own clinic. You can only model for so long.

Do you prefer editorial or runway modelling? Why?

Editorial. You get to keep something and look back on it with a photo shoot.

Reece Carter

Tell me one of the strangest shoots you’ve ever been apart of.

That would have to be a shoot I did for the Irish milliner Philip Treacy. He makes women’s hats, but booked a few guys to wear them in a shoot he did while he was here in Melbourne. The images were kind of surreal – filled with colour and fantasy. There was one image of me in underwear, floating in a “sea” made of garbage, wearing a banana-hat on my head. It was completely weird, and also pretty awesome. The shots looked great. They’re the most fun to be a part of – shoots with really creative people who will do something completely different.

Follow Reece on Twitter @reece_carter_au and see a video of him competing in Ellen DeGeneres’ undies competition when she was last in Australia here.

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