Model Files: Colin Huston

Why modelling?

It’s fun! Every day is never the same.

What is the best thing about being a male model?

The people you get to meet and work with and the challenge to work out the best way to model whatever it is you’re being paid to.

What demands does modelling place on you physically and mentally?

It’s very hard to maintain balance. Schedules are never the same. I could be working until 11pm on set, home by midnight and sometimes back on location from 5am to get first light. You also need to take good care of yourself in terms of your fitness and health. Mentally it is also really important to not become obsessed with making sure you’re always ‘perfect’. At the end of the day no one is and being in an industry where that’s all it’s about it can be hard to put ‘perfection’ to bed sometimes.

Tell me some of your best achievements as a male model.

I feel completely blessed whenever I get any job. Modeling is such a joy to me but there’s definitely some standouts.  I would have to say getting a big campaign while I was so new to the industry was a big deal for me.

Within a matter of months I had only done a handful of shoots then I was in magazines, posters not only in Australia but all over the world. It was a moment where you just have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming. Also in the last 12 months I have been getting into some TV work which has been great for my development.

When I was younger I was actually a very shy kid, sometimes in class I would be too scared to even answer a question so I’ve come a long way. When I was in high school I always dreamed of having the confidence to be on stage but always settled for managing the props.. how things have changed! I haven’t had any major roles as yet but there are a few things coming out on Australian TV in the coming months so watch this space.


Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

I actually have a degree in photography so I would love to be working on the other side of the camera again. I have been working hard on my label White Moose Design for the last three years (Simply I make home wears and accessories out of objects that would typically be thrown away. It’s all about reinvention). I would love to open my first street store.

Do you prefer editorial or runway modelling? Why?

I love editorial because it gives you more of an opportunity to take more ownership of the shoot. It allows you to explore modeling in more of an artistic and conceptual way.


Is there a particular model or fashion house you’d like to model with or for?

I would love to do another national campaign! It opened so many doors for me and I love how it surprises my old friends from school who I lost contact with as we all moved away.

I remember being sent emails saying things along the lines of, ‘Ok so there’s a giant poster to floors high.. it looks a lot like you.. what are you doing for work exactly these days?’ If I could dream big I would love to be the face of a Hugo Boss fragrance!

Tell me one of the strangest shoots you’ve ever been apart of.

That’s a hard one. When I was shooting with a men’s suiting retailer we were shooting the summer 12-13 catalogue and the art director wanted me to get into the ocean in my full suit. However because we shot six months before the campaign launch it was the middle of winter and the water was freezing.


How is the best way to get into modelling?

If you want to get into modeling start networking, even start by taking shameless ‘selfies’. I waited until I was 20 to start perusing it but I knew I wanted to get into it when I was 15. If you want to achieve anything in life just do it! We only get to live this life once, and you should go through it doing something fun. The best quote I have ever been told is, “if you enjoy what you do, you will never ‘work’ a day in your life. It’s true.

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