Mocha Salt men’s swim duds

Summer isn’t far away. This means that beach bods need to be perfected, hair needs to be trimmed and old beach swim shorts need to be thrown out to make room for new, trendy, fabulous pairs.

That’s at least how my pre-Summer preparation generally unfolds.

Catching wind of a new player to the market of men’s shorts for summer in general, but the beach specifically, Mocha Salt has made its debut, bringing its intelligently developed and created manufacturing techniques in short-making to cater to the demands of men’s shorts.

The name sounds like something you’d expect to find in operation alongside Sportsgirl or Bardot, but what they produce is said to have far outweighed the quality of their namesake’s rivals.

For one, what Mocha Salt produces is exclusively for men, and for two, their shorts are said to be the ‘perfect pair of beach shorts’. They’re tailored, you see? The company’s founder and designer Rik Van Donk tried to find what he considered to be a suitable pair of swim shorts. He fell short, so decided to craft his own with an emphasis on materials used, key practical factors like texture and dry-time taken into account and designs and patterns at the forefront of its selling points.

The shorts are made of lightweight woven fabric that combines the look and feel of cotton with the durability of nylon. The thinking being that they’re light in the water and quick-drying out of it.

All made in Sydney for the Sydneysider’s lifestyle in a family-owned facility that specialises in woven garments, Mocha Salt’s shorts are made with over 70 years’ experience behind them. A sure sign you’re buying into something decent.

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