Life’s about Good Moods and mo’ money, mo’ fun

It’s not every day you see a group of seniors get together in a park for a good old school flash mob, giving new meaning to the idea of retirement and throwing all sorts of caution to the wind.

That is, until you introduce the secret ingredient that is DJ der Guten Laune (DJ Good Mood); Germany’s senior’s answer for a good time and a great carefree attitude.

It was a little project ING Direct Australia had on the go that wanted to celebrate what it means to be financially free in your old age and not having to worry about rubbish government pensions and living below the poverty line.

The more money you have when you stop working, the less you have to worry about, right? That’s what ING Direct’s Living Super has in mind and that’s pretty much what the DJ was going as publicly spastic about as he could, and why at midday these people banded together to have as much fun together as they could. It’s one of the few low or no cost super funds available to everyone in preparation for retirement, after all.

Sydney turned it on completely for the crowd with the sun beating down and blue skies all around, which hilariously grabbed the attention of the popular tourist place of Fleet Park down in Circular Quay.

Life is all about having mo’ money for mo’ fun. So get planning and reap the benefits during the time of life you won’t want to have to worry.

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