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MLC Centre unveils Disposable Truths by Marina DeBris

As much as we want it to, making the world more environmentally conscious doesn’t happen at the snap of your fingers.

Though that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. By taking just baby steps and making small changes to our daily habits we can and do make a difference.

Marina Debris has made a career out of not only doing this, but encouraging others to take-on the fight, through her supremely and endearingly emotive craft.

Her latest commissioned work entitled Disposable Truths, was showcased at the MLC Centre in Sydney and has highlighted just that.

Debris’ past work underlines how waste affects the environment – and with the MLC Centre focusing on sustainability, commitment to the community, to helping improve the environment in the CBD – it was a no-brainer for them to commission Debris latest work and display it at their centre.

Debris’ sculpture is made from over 1600 coffee cups collected at the MLC Centre from over one month displaying it in a tornado form. It depicts how much waste materials are thrown from your daily coffee drinker alone.

In any green effort that’s worthwhile and as a display of their positive steps, The MLC Centre have teamed up with KeepCup to help reduce waste and continue their community commitment to sustainability, and have given every tenant in the building a free KeepCup.

MLC Marina De Bris coffee cup artwork gathering

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